I started my career with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Science & Technology (MS&T). My first job was working for a Defense Contractor, and then I transitioned into a more hands on role with a software company. Through my EE career, I have discovered that my true passion is in the Cyber Security field. Over the last couple of years, I have been learning as much as I possibly can in this field, and enjoying every second of it.



B.S. Electrical Engineering - Missouri S&T
2013 - 2018

Offensive Security - PEN-200 Course Completion (OSCP Pending)
Sep 2022 - Present



Discord Movie Bot - Personal Project
A Discord bot written in Python with a SQLite database. The bot is made to be similar to drawing from a hat. Each user is allowed two movie picks and can choose to vote on other user’s movies. Each week the bot will randomly select a movie from the “hat”. This has been a fun way to get together with friends online, and adds some randomness compared to just picking a movie.

This Website!! - Personal Website
This website is also another one of my projects. It is of course a work in progress, but it gives me the opportunity to put my content out there and a place to learn more about website design. The site was built using Hugo and is powered by nginx.



CVE-2023-42270 - Grocy 4.0.2 CSRF Vulnerability
This is a CSRF with Grocy, a web-based groceries and household management application. For more information on the details of this vulnerability, click HERE!

TryHackMe.com - Top 3% of Users
Includes completion of 25+ learning modules and 20+ boxes cracked.

Proving Grounds CTFs - Pos. 3580
Over 110 Hashes obtained and 65 boxes cracked.



I can be contacted at chanceproctor@gmail.com or you can message me via LinkedIn